Tua Tagovailoa remains limited on injury report

Tua Tagovailoa remains limited on injury report

Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa shed the tape on his injured throwing hand this week, but he has not returned to a full practice yet.

The Dolphins held only a walkthrough Thursday but estimated Tagovailoa as limited with his thumb injury. In fact, the team’s entire injury report remained the same as Wednesday.

“I think he’s feeling better from that standpoint,” Dolphins coach Brian Flores said. “I think he’s got, like everyone else, bumps and bruises that he’s handled over the last few games that he’s been playing. But yeah, I think he’s feeling a little bit better as far as that particular – the hand – and I think he, like everyone else, is trying to prepare as best he can for a very, very, very strong opponent and a very good defense. They really do a lot of things from a disguise standpoint, from a front standpoint, from a coverage standpoint. He shed the whatever he had on his hand, but he’s got other issues as far as dealing with the Chiefs, so that’s kind of where his focus is and our focus is.”

After being benched during a Week 11 loss to the Broncos and missing the victory over the Jets in Week 12 with his injury, Tagovailoa played every snap in Week 13.

He finished with a career-high 296 yards passing last week and now has 898 yards with seven touchdowns and no interceptions this season.